We bring millions of people together.

We believe that life is all about the people you meet. That’s why we build platforms to bring people together in a fun, simple and efficient way.

Today we connect people from anywhere in the world, maybe in the future we’ll connect people across the galaxy 😉


Ablo is a chat app that allows you to travel from the comfort of your sofa. Speak or write in your own language, Ablo translates instantly. On Ablo, you can chat with someone from anywhere in the world.

Ablo was launched in January 2019 and was downloaded over 6 million times in the first year. In December of that same year Google dubbed Ablo best App of the Year.

“This year, one app truly stood out from the rest: It surprised and delighted us with its ingenuity and polish. Beautifully designed and thoughtfully executed, it’s our Best App of 2019.”

— Google


Twoo is a social app designed to make meaningful connections all over the world. You answer questions about things you care about, the Twoo algorithm does its magic. Whether you’re looking to socialise or to meet your true love, Twoo helps you find like-minded people and happiness.

To give you a chance to connect on a deeper level and to showcase your true self, you can broadcast yourself or watch other broadcasts in real time in the live feature.

Twoo is available in 38 languages and has users from all over the world. It was launched in 2011 and became number 1 on comScore 18 months later.

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We love coming to work every day to change people’s lives. We want to be better and bigger, and we have a plan to get there. We trust that you’ll step up and make your mark.

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You’ll be working with smart people from all kinds of backgrounds. As a member of the Match Group, you’ll benefit from extensive, world-class knowledge sharing.

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Communication is in our DNA. Tell us about your dreams, ambitions and aspirations. We have built a team of rock stars, because we care.

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We have our feet on the ground but our eyes on the sky. We keep challenging the status quo and set the bar high.

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We understand that passionate, intelligent and creative people need space to achieve excellence. You’ll be working in a team, but will enjoy great independence.

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